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Happiness. Joy. Love. Good Vibrations.

The "Happiness" Candle is charged with sparks of joy and deep satisfaction. Light the "Happiness" candle to enrich your life with joy and deep satisfaction. It is the perfect remedy against any trouble, sorrows or worries. "Happiness" brightens up your soul and life and fills your surroundings with good vibrations.

Candle Magic has been around for many, many years. It is a very powerful form of sympathetic magic.
First of all you will want to find an appropriate place for your magic jewel,- a place where they will not be disturbed. Do not choose a place where there is a disturbance of any kind. Candle magic should always be performed in a low traffic area. When lighting them, hold them firmly in one of your hands and concentrate on what you wish to achieve. If you have to extinguish the flame, never blow it out just randomly. Suffocate it with a lid. Allow the candle to burn out completely. When the candle has burned out completely, dispose of it, rather than saving it to use again for another working. Usually there's not much left of a candle except a stub of wax, and you can either bury it outdoors or dispose of it in whatever manner you choose.

A magic candle by House of Hamelin, charged with a specially selected Celebrity Spirit,
is highly powerful and used to gain quick results.

Magic candles are like a Genie in a jar.

Each candle hosts a celebrity to help you in achieving whatever you wish.
Candle magic is just the right tool for getting what you want "right now."

Full colour candle in glass jar.

Colour: yellow, white with transparent design, or black candle with opaque design
Height: 20 cm
Diameter: 6cm